Here are some important things to know:

  • All runners must fill out a risk and consent form and send it to Maureen Saliba or drop it off at the Fitness Center on the Haverhill campus each academic year.
  • All runners will sign in at the Fitness Center and sign out at the completion of each run.  The signup sheet is available on the snack bar counter.  If you are running on your own please use the virtual sign in and sign out page on this website.

We’re going out to have some fun while we stay fit!

  • This is not a racing club. While we may adjust our activities to the overall pace of the group, the goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and get some exercise at a pace that works for them.
  • There are locker rooms available in the Sport and Fitness Center for changing before and after our runs. You can bring your own lock and use a day locker, or you can request an assigned locker by contacting Maria Hom at (978) 556-3643.
  • Please wear comfortable exercise clothes suitable for the weather. As we begin our runs in January, this will probably mean long pants and layers on top (a base layer, long-sleeved jersey, and perhaps an outer layer), as well as gloves and a hat.  As the weather gets warmer (and it will!) you will want shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. Come with whatever you have to our first meeting and we can talk about whether you need anything different!
  • We will leave from the front of the Sport and Fitness Center at 12:10 each Monday, and most of our runs will be 40 minutes or less.
  • The “Campus Loop” is a 1.05 mile lap around the campus, mostly on sidewalks, with some running on grass. “Kenoza Lake” is a 4.65 mile run that is mostly on dirt trail, with some running on the street.  (See maps)
  • We will establish our speed/pace according to the needs of the runners in our group. Beginners can start with the “Couch to 5K” group (see the attached schedule for this group); while intermediate and advanced runners will set out in different groups.
  • Runners always have the option of completing the full planned course each week, or completing part of the course.
  • Runners that participate in 10 or more runs with the club in a given semester will qualify for a free club technical shirt and entry into the 5k we are training for that semester.
  • Want to read up a bit before we get started? Want to expand your fitness routine throughout the week?  Want some snazzy new shorts? There are some great web resources available.  Here are a few articles on a few of the more popular and useful web sites to get you started: